Monthly Archives: November 2010

Finding Ground before the Holidays

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays!

This is truly such a special time of year – from the foliage and crisp fall air, to harvests of juicy apples, root vegetables, and fat ground-dwelling squash, to the times reserved for reconnecting with family.  It’s a time to settle in a more grounded space.

It seems however that some unsettling planetary forces were at play this past couple of weeks.  So many people I know have been experiencing major shifts in their lives or have had strange encounters of fate. The kind of moments that remind you that you do in fact belong to the world and are subject to its swirling forces of madness. Recently, I felt parts of my life get uprooted under cosmic tremors – and just in time for the holidays too when I’d have to go back to my family not in my best shape.

Writing down my thoughts allowed me in many ways to transform whatever was going on and create meaning.  I found myself writing “I can be at peace with this.  I can be at peace.  I am at peace.”  And slowly that became more and more of a reality.

As things shifted beneath me, I rediscovered ground as I integrated more self care in my life again – returning to a home yoga practice, soulful home cooking, soothing hot water bottles, and alone time walking with my dog through Rock Creek Park.  After all, it’s so easy to be present and compassionate for others, but it’s the self care that is often the hardest thing to prioritize.

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