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Holiday Merriment, Naughty and Nice Recipes…

Happy Holidays everyone!
Festive cheer is contagious this time of year. So is holiday party fatigue and all the excess and indulgences that come with it.  It can be so hard to find balance and maintain healthy habits, especially in a season that seems to conspire against it.
I find that it’s important for me to give in a bit and know that it’s part of enjoying the company of all of the communities of which I’m a part. And hey it is the food and libations that really do bring folks together.
To add to your holiday merriment, I’ve added two festive recipes- both naughty and nice – for you to enjoy with some of your favorite people. For the naughty recipe, I give you a truly decadent baked brie that I adapted from my boyfriend’s mom’s recipe with roasted red peppers and pesto, wrapped in crispy phyllo dough.  It’s something to behold.  Let me explain how as a holistic nutrition counselor, I can possibly in good faith include a recipe for baked brie in this newsletter.  I firmly believe deprivation is not part of a balanced lifestyle and we ought to indulge in some decadent foods every now and then. And is baked brie is one of those foods that just moves the soul.  That said, these uber-rich foods are most enjoyable when shared in good company.
For my nice recipe, I present you with red peppers stuffed with amaranth, a delightful little grain that is tinier than couscous and unusually high in protein, kale, sundried tomatoes, and almonds.  This holiday colored dish is sure to charm your guests and it’s ideal for those looking for gluten-free options.  I have used asiago cheese in this recipe before, but it’s not necessary. You can play with either, but I find it’s always nice to cut down on animal products.
Check them out on the recipes page.
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Have a wonderful holiday season and much, much love!