Monthly Archives: June 2011

A New Mirror Ritual

When I first started wedding planning, I would watch a lot of bridal TV. More than I am proud to admit. I would watch women try on wedding dresses and be stunning. Many would then turn to the mirror and, ashamed at the way they looked, let their body images issues ruin the experience of shopping for THE dress.

At my first dress appointment, I could only fixate on how big my belly looked with white fabrics pulled against it. Here I was falling into cliches of brides-to-be-as-seen-on-TV. I had succumb to the wedding industrial complex’s messages to be perfect for my perfect wedding (and spend more money chasing that perfection) and was freaking out because my s*** isn’t perfect. Certainly I did not want to be a cliche.

Full disclosure, I was pretty chubby growing up, and thanks to my Egyptian ancestors, even after slimming out with high school cross country, I always had a full, womanly belly. It was the source of discomfort I felt about the way I looked. In retrospect, I beileve this insecurity caused me to subconsciously stand in a way where I was hiding my belly, collapsing around it and slumping without stability, a pattern I am still working to unravel. This is in part why I named my business BellySatva, to honor the healing power of this energy center in its totality.

At my third appointment with my childhood best friend, I made a vow beforehand not to let my body image issues ruin this happy time in my life. Instead, I would focus on keeping healthy and if I lost extra weight around my digestive organs, great. If not, I would be happy with my body on my wedding day. I was determined to turn off any residual image issues and instead, just find a way to stand tall- with purpose and stability – belly fully exposed, shoulders back.

This experience informs my self-care tip of the month: Reconstructed Mirror Time. Just in time for summertime fun of sunshine, water, and patios. I hope you are well, and enjoying this sultry kick-off to summer. As always would love to hear from you.

Be well and much love.