Healthy Happy Hour: A Breakfast of Champions




Even Vonnegut knew refined, processed cereals are no way to start our days.  We’re living out of rhythm.  Our ancestors enjoyed substantial nutrient-dense meals, rich with fiber and protein to begin an honest day’s work.  Now we’re lucky if we can squeeze in a sub-par breakfast that comes out of a box or package as we rush off to work in our automoboxes, or squeezed shoulder-to-shoulder on a bus or metro car. Join Nutrition Coach Dahlia Shaaban for an inspired, laid-back Healthy Happy Hour to start the New Year right and celebrating a return to the traditional breakfast dishes of our ancestors with warm grains, legumes, aromatic spices and herbs. In a delectable evening together, Dahlia will teach you how to prepare traditional breakfast dishes from South Asia, the Middle East, and South America from scratch, and explore the secrets to consistently creating meditative space in your morning.  Kick off your new year with intention and nourishment. Join the conversation and savor.

Where: City Market at O
Date: Tuesday January 13th
Time: 6:00 – 7:30 PM

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