Live Deliciously: A Four Week Crash Course to Transform Your Food Habits For Good

Learn Dahlia’s Secrets to:

  • Easily incorporate a diversity of vibrant, nourishing & delicious foods in your life
  • Eat mindfully and make wiser food choices in the grocery store and on-the-go
  • Get confident in the kitchen and transform simple, whole food ingredients into incredible meals
  • Create exciting, consistent, and budget friendly meal plans for yourself

Did you know it takes 21 Days to Change a Habit?

Live Deliciously programs designed are to radically and sustainably transform your diet and lifestyle for renewed energy, balance, and weight loss. In this course you will walk away with practical inspiration and confidence in cooking with nutritious, high quality ingredients, and secrets for eating & living mindfully… and deliciously alt=”;-)”

What’s Included:

  • Two 60 minute nutrition & lifestyle coaching sessions in a supportive group atmosphere
  • A guided Healthy Eating Tour through Whole Foods on grocery budgeting and meal planning with seasonal, whole food ingredients.
  • Cooking with Whole Foods lesson to hone your culinary prowess and easily create meals with nutrient dense whole food ingredients-,no matter what kind of schedule you are working with.
  • Weekly coaching emails with recipes, grocery shopping lists, and nutrition & lifestyle secrets
  • Unlimited email support

Time: Tuesdays at 6 p.m.
Location: Pekoe Spa Room at City Market

Total investment for the program is $125. Early bird rate of $100 for first 5 registrants!

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