Holistic Health Coaching

 To put it simply, Dahlia Nutrition & Wellness programs changed my life.  As an avid home cook I thought I knew about food and nutrition, but kept feeling like I was missing something. I worked out hard every day, but still didn’t feel as good as I wanted to.  Dahlia unlocked the door to my health and wellness.  Her detailed sessions allowed me to ask questions I have always wanted to know the answers to.  We were able to frankly and honestly discuss how my life and health were impacted by food.

I was blown away with simple, yet deeply meaningful discussions that opened my eyes to a new way of eating.  I finally understood!  Not only was Dahlia focused on helping me gain this knowledge, she helped me apply it in a practical way.  My grocery store trips were now more like field trips.  She challenged me to expand my mind, my palate and even my own cooking skills by introducing me to new things and re-introducing me to foods I thought I knew.  I immediately began to feel better.  I had more energy, it felt like a fog had been lifted from my brain, I was focused and even happier.  Dahlia showed me that food is life, and to have the best life, I needed to understand what I was eating and how it worked for me.

The personalized approach of her program was crucial to my success.  She evaluated my health and my needs in a detailed way and helped me map out a plan for success.  I even lost some excess weight without really even trying, which, as she taught me, is my body’s way of letting me know I am giving it what it needs.  Everyone should have the privilege of going through one of her programs and the best part is, she has a program that’s right for everyone.   I highly recommend Dahlia Nutrition & Wellness to anyone who wants to open up a whole new world of delicious healthiness.  It will change your life for the better, just like it changed mine.

-Jennifer Jackson, Woodbridge, VA

I have been a client of Dahlia Shaaban’s for almost three years and she has truly helped me on my path toward physical and spiritual well-being.  Whether the treatment is holistic health coaching or Thai yoga therapy, Dahlia is compassionate, thoughtful and extremely professional.
Before meeting Dahlia, I worked non-stop, ate poorly and was very good at overlooking my personal health. Now, I have a greater knowledge of what a healthy lifestyle means for me and I am better armed to make informed, nutritious decisions.  Dahlia has seen me through a major career change, two serious surgeries and a painful romantic breakup.  She empowered me to care for myself holistically and stay balanced all while maintaining a very busy career.

I believe Dahlia has a true talent to help women learn how to love themselves and to acknowledge their self-worth while juggling life’s many challenges.

-Amy F., national association executive, age 34, Washington, DC

I have struggled with conflating body image and self image every since I was a child. I was a shrinking violet not wanting anyone’s glance for too long. My broken confidence came from a place of not feeling comfortable in my own skin. I had tried crazy diets and work-out plans but quickly fell off the hamster wheel I was creating for myself. I eventually learned that to make a sustained change from deep consciousness, I need to be empowered to honor myself and put only the best whole foods in my body. Through God’s blessing, I found Dahlia. I quickly enrolled in her nutritional counseling course and private yoga classes and became instantly excited to work with someone who was so invested in my success. Dahlia is one of those shining people in our communities that should be lifted up and shared with everyone because her heart is pure, leading to a connection with her clients that is so genuine. She gave me permission to love and honor myself and gave me the tools to actually act on these now foundational core beliefs I carry. The goals I listed out at the beginning of the six month course of being more present in my body and being aware of what should be going in my body were all met. I cannot be more grateful to Dahlia.”

-Sarah, Washington, D.C.

BellySatva holistic health coaching is not about weekly sessions, it is about transformation. The only way to transform your health and mind is to fully understand both the science and psychology behind the foods and exercise we consume or the choices we undertake. Dahlia understands this balance and took the time to understand the dynamics at play in both my personal and professional life, including how those dynamics impacted my health. As someone who has struggled with a holistic approach to my health while addressing autoimmune and kidney disease, the BellySatva program has changed my attitude, improved the needed balance in my life, and transformed my health for the better. I am grateful to Dahlia for her consistent and compassionate approach to empower me while guiding me through this transformative process.

-J.K., Baghdad, Iraq

I met with Dahlia for a health history consultation and was immediately put at ease. Dahlia asked the right questions and helped me discover my habits and patterns that I can change. She has an intuitive sense of how to work with people and I would recommend her — as a holistic health coach to anyone looking for inspiration and practical assistance.

-L.B., Bethesda, MD

Thai Yoga Therapy

Dahlia’s expertise and experience in administering Thai yoga is amazing. After only my first session, I definitely felt a huge difference physically and emotionally. Not only was my body and mind totally and completed relaxed, but at the same time I could physically feel that an internal shift had occurred and energy that was previously blocked was freely flowing. If you haven’t had a Thai Yoga session with Dahlia, I highly recommend that you try it. I’m confident that you’ll be back for more.
-S.B., Hyattsville, MD

Dahlia’s bodywork helped to restore my body to proper alignment. From just one session, the foot pain I had been experiencing after runs over 6 miles has been almost entirely eliminated. My problematic right knee also feels much better after her work aligned my body. I cannot wait for my next session and hope to get into routine visits!

-D.M., Washington, DC


I first experienced Dahlia leading a practice when she was subbing for a regular teacher. I was still fairly new to yoga, less than a year, but I was inspired and motivated by her teaching style which was deliberate, yet accommodating and powerful yet gentle. All I could remember after that class was her first name which I Googled along with the word ‘yoga and Washington DC’ to find other studios where she taught. Dahlia will inspire you to all that is possible in your yoga practice.
-S.B., Hyattsville, MD

I really enjoy Dahlia’s class.  Her sequences are fresh, thoughtful, challenging, playful, sophisticated, and soulful.  Her languaging was creative and clear, and gave me new metaphors for thinking about my practice.  She teaches from the heart and the soul.

-K.R., Washington, DC

I took my first class with Dahlia over the summer and it was hands down the best class I’d taken in my 12 years of on-again-off-again yoga practice.  Admittedly, I was a bit hesitant at first as I am a person of routine (same class, same teacher, etc.), but my practice changed for the better when Dahlia subbed that day.  I couldn’t remember a time where I felt so good after a class.  Dahlia incorporates dance-like sequences into her classes, which are challenging yet have a graceful feel to them.  I find myself constantly checking my yoga studio’s schedule to see what other classes she’ll be teaching that week.  If you’re looking to breathe new life into your yoga practice, I highly recommend Dahlia!

-B.S., Arlington, VA

Children’s Yoga

There are no words that express how grateful we are that you were able to not only take part [in our event], but make it such a success!  Yoga was a novel and unique technique that brought the children together and helped find the “zen” throughout the gathering.  You were fantastic interacting with the children and holding their attention.  Thank you for everything!

Staff of Out Came the Sun Foundation, Inc., Rockville, MD